How to pack if you are trekking for the first time in Nepal?

Updated: Apr 27, 2018

It’s very important that you pack wisely when you are trekking or hiking in the Himalayas. While packing less may make you run out of necessities during the trek, packing more is also not really fruitful as it will increase the weight to be carried while hiking. It is very necessary to consider the weather, terrain, altitude, and environment where you will be hiking before you can prepare the list for packing your bags.

Your packing list will also vary according to the type of trekking, number of days trekking and the available facilities. Tea- house treks will require you to carry much less than the camping supported treks, for example.

Nepal Adventures will work through with you& your group to help you come up with a list that is just ideal for you. With no particular importance in order, we recommend the following –


Backpack is by far the most important as you will be carrying it for hours as you walk through the Himalayas. You should aim to carry a pack that is able to carry all your essentials and yet not too big to weigh you down. It is always good to carry a rain cover for your bag to protect it from rain or snow. We work very closely with Mont Adventure Equipment for travel gear, and will happily recommend as they have the right gears and trained staff who can help you through the process.


In longer treks, you need to recycle your clothing by washing or using it inside out. It is always good to carry the clothing with the fabric that is weigh light and dries quickly.

Hiking Shoes

Shoes play a vital role determining your trekking experience. Invest in solid comfortable shoes and make sure that it is broken weeks before you embark on the adventure. A pair of flip flops or trainers is recommended while you rest in your teahouse after a days walk.

Layer Clothing

The best way to deal with this changing temperature is to layer your clothing to adjust it as you go, and in mountains temperature can change drastically within the course of the day.

Hiking Stick

Hiking stick are great to have in your trip especially for the trekking that requires lots of ascending and descending.

Sun screen and protection

Be sure to carry a hat and strong sun screen to protect you from sun. Be sure to have sunglasses with quality lenses and UV protection.

Microfiber towel / Headlamps

Quick drying towels are great as they are light, dry quickly and take less space in your bag.Wet wipes are recommended, and could be handy when you don’t want to shower. Electricity is rare in the mountains.Headlamps can be real useful when trekking.

First Aid Kit

We recommend you carry a basic first aid items, although we will have a Kit with us when trekking. It’s because the group could be walking at a different pace, and kit might not be available when you need as you might be walking with different co-group.

Reusable water- bottle / Camel Pack & Water purification tablets

We push for ethical travel and recommend travelers not to buy bottled water to reduce the waste created by plastic bottles in the villages. Instead, carry your own reusable water bottle or camel pack and fill it with the clean drinking water/water purification tablets when possible.

Sleeping bag or layer

The average trekking lodges of villages may not always meet the western hygiene standards or not have adequate winter clothing and it is best to be prepared for it. We recommend this but not a necessity & also this is dependent on the route that you will be doing.

Moisturizing cream/ lip balm/ hand sanitizer

These are a necessity as your lips and skin may dry up due to dry mountain air. Good Moisturizing creams and lip balm will protect your skin from drying. There are also small spray sanitizers available and could attach to you day packs and could be real handy.

Trail Snacks

Even if your meals are provided to you on a trek, it’s sometimes nice to have a little something to nibble on between stops. Granola bars, trail mixes dried fruits etc. will surely help you give that much need extra kick while trekking.

Toilet Paper

Toilet papers are the most important thing to carry while trekking. You will be able to buy as you trek along but have it available with you when in need.

We could continue on with the list, but incorporating this should make a great experience for your trekking in Nepal.

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