Nepal Adventures specialises in organising private group tours in Nepal. We have a successful track record of tailoring trips in Nepal for specific individual group needs.


The trips Nepal Adventures organise range from trekking the various scenic mountain ranges of Nepal (arguably the most picturesque in the world), through to adventurous climbing expeditions, and everything in between, including photography, yoga, mountain bike riding, river rafting etc. Our only limitation is your imagination!


These adventures can be organised for any group, whether you are part of a school, sporting team, corporate management team, special interest group, or just a group of friends.


The minimum size of the group is six people, so tell us your needs and we can provide you with a highly competitive priced package.

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Lachhu is the Director of Nepal Adventures and is responsible for its operations in both Nepal and Australia.  Lachhu coordinates the planning to ensure client groups have a seamless experience between the arrangements made in organising travel in Australia and the delivery of the travel package in Nepal. 


Originally from Pokhara Nepal, Lachhu has lived in Australia since 2002.  Lachhu now splits his time between Nepal & Australia and wants to raise his family and strengthen the delivery of Nepal Adventures in light of the increasing demand for authentic professional adventure experiences through the company. 

Lachhu is an adventurist and has extensively travelled Nepal and other parts of the world. Among the adventures that stand out for Lachhu are Everest/Annapurna Base Camps, Island Peak Expedition, the Mongol Rally & the Rickshaw Run, an adventure run across India in a Rickshaw.




After living in the UK for more than a decade, Raju now divides his time between Australia and Nepal and is the trek lead of choice for Nepal Adventures.

Raju has been a mountain guide for more than 15 years prior to living in the UK. He has a way about him that to the casual observer, it appears he knows everyone you come across in the remote areas of Nepal. His friendly nature ensures he can arrange the best outcomes for those who travel with him.

Raju has received many accolades from people participating on adventures through the Himalayas. He is considered an expert in his field and he places the safety and welfare of the people under his guidance as his primary concern.


Raju has scaled Island Peak (6,189m), led treks to Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Base Camp on several occasions and is well travelled.  Adventure is his passion and he is always in total control of the group, in a very personable manner.

Trek Lead



Shiva is often called upon to assist to organise the day to day operations of the Nepal Adventures trips in Nepal.


Shiva is a talented negotiator, has natural people skills and an ability to make things happen. His project management, organisational and community engagement skills ensure that all events fall into place for a smooth on the ground operation in Nepal.

Shiva is well versed with Nepalese law, local governance and processes, which ensures all activities are compliant with relevant authorities.


He is an adventurer, and loves his motorbike. You don’t see him around much, as he is always up to something. He is considered by many as the ‘quiet achiever’.

Ground Operations