What a wonderful experience. My son and I could not have been happier with our experience on the trip. With magnificent views and a truly rewarding experience working on the rebuild project. Our guides were so thoughtful and patient in answering any questions on the trip, giving us a better understanding the Nepal culture.


The rebuild project was one of those life changing experiences. How grateful were the locals for what we achieved and we, for their gratitude. The trip exceeded our expectations. Accommodation was great and the food was just amazing. We felt totally safe and I was impressed by how smoothly everything went, resulting in a tremendously meaningful, educational and enjoyable trip.

J and M M (father and son) I Canberra Grammar School April 2018

We began with a little nervous anticipation - were we fit enough? Did we pack the right socks? Will we cope? Will the group “click”?

All our worries quickly dissolved as we became absorbed in the sounds and sights and smells of Nepal. Lou and his wonderful team cared for us so well - such patience and planning. All we needed to do was to turn up and “go with the flow.”​ We were well rewarded with amazing mountain views, delicious freshly prepared food and good simple accommodation (I have never slept so well). Our little group quickly became friends and provided unswerving encouragement and support for one another.

Our time at the Shaheed Shree Hari Prasad school allowed us to connect with the amazing local children and community; to work alongside these people was a warm and humbling experience.​ In all, I have returned home feeling nourished on every level - physically, emotionally, and yes, spiritually. It was a great privilege to be a part of such a project, and I will be forever grateful for this opportunity. Thank you Lou, Raju, Gabi and team - you are an inspiration!.


No 1 travel hack for this trip:  Don’t worry! Go with the flow and let the days unfold as they will. You will be guided with great skill and care, and you will return home a little wiser, deeper and stronger

AW I Yoga Pathways Community Rebuild Trip I October 2018

My first overseas holiday, and to Nepal which was on my bucket list since my mid 30’s.  I have been with a group that instantly connected, and that connection has just grown stronger throughout this whole journey.  I say ‘journey’ as it has not only been a physical journey but an emotional and soul searching one.  The combination of the trek and the community project allowed our group to bond in the most amazing way.  Lots of laughter and a great sense of achievement.

For me to be in Nepal and experience the ‘real view’ of the people and its country enriched me more.  I felt very privileged to witness the local communities like very few others. There has been a wonderful calm throughout this whole journey.  A journey where a nation has very little in a material sense, but very much where it really matters – the human soul and spirit.

To be part of the rebuild project has allowed me to fulfill one of the wishes in my life – that what I receive on a daily basis can be shared amongst others.  This was not just a knock on the door or a phone call requesting a donation, which is the usual western world way.  It was a way to really give a part of me, sharing more than my daily earnings – sharing my time and my energy and in return, receiving true gratitude and bonding that only physically being there could achieve.

I am in total awe of the Nepalese people where I have witnessed daily how a family and its community remains so strong while the world around them is so weak, in terms of infrastructure, governance, welfare, and support.​ Everything that life stands for …… for me personally, I have had the joy of experiencing this first hand over the last 14 days.

I thank all involved that this has now been added to my journey of life – I hope to share it with those closest to me.

ZL I REACH for Nepal Community Rebuild Trip I October 2017

Nepal Adventures has been our travel agent of choice for a number of trips. In April 2017, Trekking4Nepal completed a community project near Pokhara and trekking experience to Everest Base Camp and Island Peak.


The best part in our dealings with Nepal Adventures is that the trip was customised to our needs without hesitation – we basically asked the question and they delivered on it all. Everything in Nepal was taken care of – the airport transfers, domestic flights, accommodation, trekking guides and porters, climbing training, and hospitality, all second to none. Trekking4Nepal are going back to Nepal in November 2018. We have another customised community project plus trekking trip planned, and Nepal Adventures are providing the best service yet again.


Flexible, reliable and personable are three qualities that distinguish Nepal Adventures from the rest, definitely give them a call. 

JT I Trekking4Nepal I April 2017

It is very difficult to capture this multi-dimensional experience in words – all the physical, emotional and educational elements and the overwhelming sense of self -pride and satisfaction at the physical achievement of the trek.


Seeing the hard-working enterprising Nepalese people etching out a resilient existence with, what appears to be the little government assistance, was awe-inspiring to me as an over-indulged Westerner.


The visual overload of the beauty of the mountains and countryside, the chaotic traffic, the food, sleeping on cement floors in classrooms at the project, carrying sand in bags, washing in the river, some of the many unforgettable experiences. Add in the comradely of the fabulous group of people sharing the same “journey”.


I am and will continue to be eternally grateful for this experience and will take hopefully all, but definitely some of its many experiences back into my life back in Australia and be a better more peaceful person.

DK I REACH for Nepal Community Rebuild Trip I October 2018

“Nepal Adventure’s Nepal Immersion & Community Rebuild Trips, in partnership with REACH for Nepal Foundation, provide the travelling group with educational & cultural experience of a lifetime”

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